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Contacting me About EasyChair

Please read this carefully. EasyChair has over 1,500,000 users. Simple math shows that, if every user sends me an email and I spend 5 minutes answering each of these emails, I will answer all of them in about fifty years. And I want EasyChair to have over 15,000,000 users in five years.

For this reason, I cannot answer questions related to conferences using EasyChair, your papers submitted to conferences etc. Sending me these questions is like sending your questions about Windows to Bill Gates or about Google to Larry Page or Sergei Brin.

To ask questions about EasyChair, use the EasyChair contact page.

Contacting me About Anything Else

If you want to contact me about Vampire, LPAR, or anything else, please note the following:

This does not mean your question will be unanswered. This only means that it may take me a considerable time to answer it.

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